My Philosophy

My philosophy

I love being a witness to some of life’s greatest moments and fulfilling my guests’ expectation

Regina Keever

Regina Keever a native of New Orleans. She sees her home as one of the first American cities known for its global cuisine. Her life as wife and mother began cooking the Sicilian dishes of her mother. Regina expanded her knowledge and love of food by taking cooking classes when time allowed. Regina along with her husband, Ron were known for giving dinner parties for their food-loving friends, considering every detail. Gardening too was her passion and using its bounty in her dishes was a bonus.

The adoration for the cooking geniuses of Europe supplied the reason for the desire to travel abroad. Regina enjoyed visiting the Michelin Restaurants and markets which brought a great respect for the men and women who brought this labor of hands and heart to her.

In the 80’s in New Orleans was the advent of the young talented chefs reshaping the cuisine of New Orleans, which landed Regina into the dining room of Chef Susan Spicer at the Bistro of the Maison de Ville. It was here she and her husband discovered the taste of the classic French preparations that she experienced in the great dining rooms in France and would come to be served for 28 years going forward in the 1800’s Creole Cottage know as Bayona with Partner Chef Susan Spicer. As you walk through the cottage and courtyard, Regina’s signature touch and designer eye is evident throughout Bayona.


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